Central Florida



Mark Washington is a young journalist with an impressive resume and a strong desire to tell compelling sports and news stories. From chasing down fly balls, to fast breaks, and touchdown passes, he is passionate about the world of sports journalism, and its greater impact on society. Mark is committed to telling stories that inspire and educate viewers via stories on the global, national, state, and local levels.

He has an affable personality, and a knack for connecting with the public, audiences, and athletes of all levels… This ranges from youth sports, to the pros, and beyond. Mark has a diversified portfolio across various multimedia platforms. Whether it’s hosting a high school football show in Central Florida or covering the NBA draft in the Orlando Magic’s “war room”, Mark can do it all.

Mark has a very unique way of making people feel comfortable, which helps him tell compelling stories.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism (FAMU), and a Master's Degree in Mass Communications (The University of South Florida), Mark is well educated and has extensive prowess in covering all facets of sports journalism in a professional manner.

When he’s not working in the field, he enjoys giving back to the community by serving as a youth basketball coach and mentor to elementary, middle and high school kids throughout the Central Florida area.